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About the Group

We are Labat Africa

Labat Africa Limited (“Labat” or ”Labat Africa”) is a local black owned and managed Investment Holding Company, listed on the Venture Capital Market of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (“JSE”) as well as the Frankfort Stock Exchange (“FSE”). Labat was founded and incorporated in 1995 by Brian van Rooyen and Victor Labat and listed on the JSE in 1999 as one of the first listed BEE companies. Labat has been a major Government contractor providing consulting and related services since 1995. Labat has since inception successfully implemented many high profile Government assignments.

Through the repositioning of Labat as a level 2 B-BBEE fully compliant company operating in a climate where there is increased pressure for companies in all industries to comply with the BEE framework instituted by National Government, Labat has seized the opportunity to become a major force for economic transformation.

Labat’s focus is the creation of a major BEE group with partners from various market sectors. Furthermore we have acquired several targets as operational partnerships. A key focus of the Labat strategy is growth-by-acquisition, and we have developed a BEE model which targets specific sectors where companies and clients alike are under pressure to conform to the mandated BEE requirements.

Labat has identified that there is a tremendous opportunity in the current market climate with companies that are un-empowered, and which need BEE partners in order to access more opportunities, as well as funding. Labat is perfectly positioned to take on these partnerships as we have developed a low-risk strategy to win and retain market share through the creation of an alternative BEE network that will be geared to compete with existing conglomerates.