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About Us

Labat Botanicals will set up a fully Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) facility in the high-altitude, landlocked country of Lesotho we intend on being a market leader in skill development, skills transfer, and increase the economy of scales in medicinal cannabis on the African continent and globally. Our Long term vision is to become the leading Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and medical Cannabis oils company in Africa through our commitment to invest in the right people, leading technologies and a shareholder wealth creation strategy.

Labat Botanicals has already secured land in Lesotho 30km from Maseru with access to fresh water and utilities. Labat Botanicals will focus on producing 3 Cannabis products namely Medical Grade Cannabis Flower, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Cannabinoid (CBD) oils, concentrates, and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients(API’s).

Using our genetics bank we will select high quality strains to grow in our facility, these strains will be carefully selected and grown in a strictly controlled environment to ensure product of the highest quality is produced for the export market Labat Botanicals have concluded an offtake agreement with a UK based company, New Frontier Holdings, the holding company of Frontier Botanicals for 4000kg of Cannabis Flower in the first 12 months, 6000kg for the following 12 months and 8000kg for 36 months thereafter.

Our Extraction facility on-site will allow us to produce high quality THC/CBD oil. The quality of the oil is based solely on the trimmings used and the make-up of the trimmings of the strains used. The high-quality strains used in the production of the flower will allow us to have high quality trimmings which in turn will produce high quality oils and concentrates.

Due to the high quality of the cannabis flower that will be produced at our facility the same flowers will be processed in the development of API’s. There has been numerous research papers, studies and trials done that show the medicinal benefits of Cannabis on a number of Medical ailments, our main focus will be to develop an API for the Oncology Market.

Labat Botanicals brings a wealth of unique professional experience into the spotlight, to create new economic frontierswith the cultivation of Medicinal Cannabis. The core team does not take initial quality for granted. We will maintain our commitment to creating the best-quality cannabis product through fostering close relationships with primary contractors, vendors and supply chain. Remain diligent about sampling and imposing multiple layers of evaluation and lab-testing and quality control throughout our cannabis production process.