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About Us

BioData is a revolutionary medical science research organisation within the Labat Healthcare Group. It prides itself in being the best in the holistic healing and medical research space.  Biodata oversees the entire value chain process in the medicinal cannabis and alternative healing industries.

BioData will build on our existing global footprint and our ongoing medical research and clinical trials. This will be achieved by incorporating a multifaceted approach to the cannabis industry from growing, harvesting, extracting, business development and distribution of medicinal cannabis through to education, training and successful treatment of patients.

Biodata’s mission is to improve the quality of life on the African continent and expanding globally using solutions that will lead to efficacy in scientific research across diverse industries whilst offering alternative and holistic healing to patients worldwide.

Using GMP, GCLP, GPP and ISO driven operations in line with international requirements to ensure only the purest and highest quality products from seed through to end product (medicine).

Biodata has and continues to  conduct clinical trials and studies involving cannabis with a comprehensive range of medical treatments and specific protocols for various medical conditions.

Bio Data has had tremendous results in treating patients with various ailments.

Green Chemistry

Our chemists will have years of experience in the pharmaceutical extraction and purification of broad-spectrum natural products and we will use the latest innovative technologies in a high-efficiency laboratory, employing the most advanced purification and analytical techniques to create the highest quality product. Our analytical platform will include: High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC) for cannabinoids, mass spectroscopy to test for pesticides and contaminants, microbiological and multi-residual analysis.