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About Us

CannAfrica is a multi-faceted entity, active in the Cannabis Industry and was registered in the Republic of South Africa after the groundbreaking constitutional court ruling in September 2018.

Through a strategic partnership with companies, CannAfrica operates across multiple sectors of the cannabis value chain from Cannabis complementary health and lifestyle products and concentrates, cannabis infused foods, cannabis seeds, Research & Development and Skills development and training. CannAfrica market interests & alliances include pharmaceutical manufacturing, research and development, robust regulatory support, direct marketing, packaging and distribution, advisory services, medical doctors, traditional healers, clinics, hospitals, and retail outlets.

The CannAfrica health and wellness product range comprises of Complimentary medicines, Personal Care products and health supplements CannAfrica has a range of over 50 products which include CBD based products, health products, beauty products and a pet’s range of CBD products. CannAfrica products are currently being distributed through a network of over 65 agents across the country.

The CannAfrica Edibles & Beverages product range includes handmade CBD infused cakes and a wide range of CBD baked goods. The Edibles are all gluten free, low carb and vegan. The current customers for the edible’s division include Spar, Food Lovers Market and a wide range of Café’s and health retail stores.

The CannAfrica Skills development division (Sage Skills) is a wholly owned subsidiary and offers an online course in cannabis production the qualification provides learners with the opportunity to gain competence in Cannabis production and will facilitate their securing employment in the industry. For those who are already employed on a Cannabis plantation, the multi-skilling that the qualification offers will open up a career path in the industry.

The qualification focuses on the skills, knowledge and values that are required in Cannabis production. CannAfrica will take a Data driven approach in expanding its market. The main objective is to monopolize the data within the cannabis industry from a shopper, consumer and business perspective.

To be ahead of the market by adopting a data-driven approach for route to market, e-commerce, retail merchandising solutions and loyalty and drive thought leadership through CannAfrica Trend reports

Green Chemistry

Our chemists will have years of experience in the pharmaceutical extraction and purification of broad-spectrum natural products and we will use the latest innovative technologies in a high-efficiency laboratory, employing the most advanced purification and analytical techniques to create the highest quality product. Our analytical platform will include: High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC) for cannabinoids, mass spectroscopy to test for pesticides and contaminants, microbiological and multi-residual analysis.