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In keeping with Labat’s history of pioneering, innovating and transforming business in South Africa, we are expanding our operations into the cannabis sector. Labat’s vision is to be the leading cannabis enterprise in South Africa. We aim to utilize existing skills and build on new skills in order to deliver world-class cannabis products to South African, African and international markets. Key to our strategy is the execution of product, process and market innovation. We are committed to propelling the cannabis industry forward, and most importantly, providing medical and wellness cannabis consumers with the best possible solutions. Cannabis stocks are historically exceptional performers, and Labat Cannabis SA is uniquely positioned in South Africa to take advantage of the innumerable business opportunities presented by this sector.

Labat Cannabis SA is the holding company of the entire Labat cannabis supply and value chain. This is a factor which will distinguish Labat from its competitors, with our value-add model being based on wealth creation. The financial predictions for the future of the South African cannabis industry are nothing short of spectacular. Business Insider estimates that the industry has the potential to be worth R27 billion within four years, and four times that in the next decade.

One of the most exciting aspects of the cannabis industry, is the possibilities it provides to create Black wealth in South Africa, without compromising on the value of free enterprise and capitalism. Labat Cannabis SA will is ideally positioned to become a vehicle for facilitating the growth of local farmers and retailers, with abundant export opportunities.  Growth opportunities in the agriculture sectors are highly relevant. Cannabis is regarded as a niche sector due to its dynamic value chain, and Labat Cannabis SA has already excited interest with investors. In order to ensure success and sustainable growth, Labat, under the leadership of its seasoned Directors,  partners with experienced players in every sector of its business, and Labat Cannabis SA is no exception.

Cannabis/hemp could be the single most important economic impetus required to change and improve the frail economic, social and environmental conditions which currently prevail in South Africa.  The country’s temperate climate is ideally suited to growing industrial hemp/cannabis, especially when compared with countries like China, Canada, Japan, the USA and other major players in the market, as South Africa can plant crops year-round. This positively impacts the efficiencies and product costs significantly.

The export potential in South Africa is prodigious and local market development is exciting, with the cannabis industry potentially able to contribute as much as 10% to the country’s GDP within the next 10 years. If the cannabis industry is prioritized by the South African government, the job creation opportunities offered by the sector are significant, with the provision of direct and indirect employment of close to a million people in the next decade.

Local investors with off-shore trading accounts have accessed the cannabis sector through instruments such as the Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF, which tracks listed North American cannabis companies. There is palpable local investor appetite for investment Labat Cannabis SA will

The current players in the market are limiting their commercial scope to either growing cannabis, extracting Cannabidiol CBD for the complementary medicines market or conducting research. Labat Cannabis SA’s model is unique in the South African landscape, as it will take advantage of a comprehensive range of cannabis manufacture and supply opportunities. The company is also poised to establish partnerships with relevant role players including the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Agricultural Research Council (ARC), CDCSA Cannabis Development Council of South Africa (CDCSA), the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), the Hemp Foundation as well as subject matter experts for all its divisions.


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